Metex Creations
Metex Creations
Metex Creations
Metex Creations
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About Us

Delivering results. Measuring Growth

Born with a mission to seek the paths of unconventional brand promotions, METEX Creations was conceived in 1999. Strictly a professionally run full fledged creative house since then, the organization was steered ahead with a view to deliver quality and standardized services in the field of web communications initially. The organization has succeeded gracefully over the years by managing and developing e- advertising which has now emerged as an in evitable medium of marketing and communication for any brand.

Keeping up with the trends on emerging technology and brand promotional makeovers the company gradually plunged its feet firmly in the latest of Audio Video arena there by adding a production division to handle visual media. With sheer dedication and customized approach it has today been proudly associated with leading brands across India and Middle East from various sectors including real estate, hospitality, financial service, education institution, consulting services and more.

The company has its power rested on delivering tailor made communication solutions and designs to its clients, who come from diverse business backgrounds. Which is probably why, today, METEX Creations owns the pride of having a list of eminent clientele on its side totally satisfied.

METEX Creations
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Metex Creations

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